January 2003


           An eye for an eye

will eventually blind the whole world.

           Mahatma Ghandi

31.01.03             I wonder

what the smell of love is like.

- Sister Abraham -
Kirsten Stoffregen Pedersen
- bike in the lake -
26.01.03      thank you to

Germany and France

      for saying


      to the war

- thursday morning -

The USA is on the brink of war. An aggressive and unpredictable
leader is spreading fear and insecurity.
His name is George W. Bush.
Mr. Bush possesses massive arsenals of weapons of mass
destruction. He claims he has the right to use them.
He was never elected by a majority of his people. (32 % of adult
Americans voted for Bush. He got 539,989 less votes than
opponent Al Gore)

He leads a regime, where he himself - and a rich elite - enjoy
enormous wealth and growing privileges, while millions live in
poverty and despair.
People of ethnic minorities are oppressed and humiliated.
His country ranks highest in the world with regard to not signing
human rights treaties.

We thank you, America!
We know that most Americans want peace, prosperity and justice
for all. You are good people, like most people are, in Iraq, Israel,
Palestine, Korea, Ukraine, Australia, Norway, Mexico, Canada,
Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Bolivia, Iran, Uganda, Portugal
and elsewhere.

We thank you for giving us Abraham Lincoln, Bessie Smith, Elvis
Presley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hank Williams, Martin Luther King
jr., Toni Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Jesse Owens, Woody Allen, Miles
Davis, Ernest Hemingway, Helen Keller, Madonna, John Steinbeck,
Jimmy Carter, Julia Roberts, Muhammad Ali and many more.

If we can do anything to help you get rid of George
W. Bush before he wrecks your reputation and messes
up the whole planet, please let us know!

Best regards,
Your worried friends in the rest of the World.

- slow motion -
monday afternoon
- view from my window -

- monday morning -
- sunday night -
01.01.03 C o p e n h a g e n    -    D e n m a r k
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